Isaac Grosof's portrait

I am currently the Tennenbaum Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Tech School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, where I am mentored by Siva Theja Maguluri. I just defended my PhD at Carnegie Mellon University, where I was advised by Mor Harchol-Balter. Check out my thesis document which provides a guided tour of my PhD research, and is designed to be more approachable than diving into my papers directly.

My name is Isaac Grosof, and I go by Izzy for short. I am nonbinary, and I use they/them pronouns. Check out my introduction to my nonbinary gender for more info.

I will be a postdoc at Georgia Tech until February 2024, when I am moving to UIUC to do another 6-month postdoc, this one with R. Srikant. In Fall 2024, I will be starting as a professor at Northwestern University, in the Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences department.

I research stochastic queueing theory, with a focus on scheduling and resource allocation, and optimal multiserver policies in particular. If you are a first-year PhD student at Northwestern, a prospective student, or thinking of applying, feel free to reach out to me, I am looking to recruit students.

I’m looking for students with a strong mathematical background, so please emphasize that element of your background if you reach out. A math background can be demonstrated via taking advanced math-heavy classes, class projects, or theoretical research. Backgrounds in math, statistics, theoretical computer science, or operations research are all conducive to my style of research.

I have received the INFORMS 2022 George Nicholson Award, the award for the best student paper in the field of operations research, the ACM SIGMETRICS 2021 Best Paper Award, the ACM SIGMETRICS 2019 Best Student Paper Award, and the IFIP Performance 2018 Best Student Paper Award. I was a 2023 Siebel Scholar, a fellowship recognizing academic excellence and leadership.

Check out my publications, all of which you can download to read.

Check out my potential project ideas, which I’d be interested in advising a student to work on and/or interested in collaborating on.

Check out my blog.

Here’s an archive of my job market materials.

A good way to contact me is via my Mastodon account,

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