I’m watching through Star Trek: Discovery. I’ve watched part of the first season previously, but didn’t stick with it. I started again from the beginning, and I’ll post thoughts as I have them. I’ll update this post as I go, and mark each section eith when I had the thought.

After watching S1E5

I’ve heard people mention that Discovery in the context of war, while prior Star Trek shows were doing science, and asking whether this is a negative for Discovery.

I find the “science vs. war discussion” with regards to discovery interesting, because I feel like Burnham and Stamets are the first major Star Trek characters who actually feel like scientists. Previously, we’ve had “science officers” like Spock and Dax, but hey didn’t do scientific research. Instead, they mostly used scientific technology, ran tests, etc. Burnham researching the Tardigrade and Stamets researching the Spore Warp are the first proper researchers among the main cast.

So while Discovery is at war and most prior shows were at peace, Discovery does science, while prior shows did exploration. Certainly science happens in the background of prior shows, but here it’s in the foreground. I appreciate that.

Also, Stamets and Culber are gay and it’s not a big deal, just wholesome. I love it!

After S1E6

I correctly predicted that after the Admiral said “When I get back, you’re stepping down” to Lorca, that she wasn’t coming back.