I grew up reading and watching futuristic science fiction such as Star Trek and the works of Asimov. I think these stories had a pretty foundational effect on my moral system. I wanted to try to crystallize the lessons that I learned from futuristic science fiction, and which I think are worth passing on to others. Keep in mind, the works themselves sometimes failed to live up to these ideals. Nontheless, I think the lessons are still true.

  • A person’s worth lies in their actions and beliefs, not their appearance or status. If we can one day build a society that respects different species, how much easier is it to respect many ethnicities, genders or backgrounds. DS9’s “old man” is a good example.

  • It’s worth adapting and incorporating the differences between groups into a shared society. We thereby create a better world.

  • Everyone’s life gets better because we learn more and are capable of more. Existence is a story of ongoing improvement, brought about by scientific, technological, and societal progress.

  • Discovery is one of the highest callings. There’s always more out there in the world to discover.

  • Resource scarcity is soluble. We will overcome this unfortunate aspect of our existence eventually.

  • The story of the world is a story of change. If you thought the past held a lot of change, just wait until you see the future.

  • Science, discovery, invention and exploration are things of passion, intensity and excitement - not just stuffy labs out of the public eye.

  • The future is a hopeful place - the moral arc of the universe bends towards a better life for all, as well as justice.

  • Even when society at large is failing, an individual or a small group can still contribute positively. The Foundation trilogy is a example of such a story.

As you can see, the philosophy of the future is fundamentally a philosophy of unity, hope, and promise, based on a future we hope to create together.