Michael Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow and is a close ally of President Trump, serving as the President’s 2020 campaign chair for the state of Minnesota. Today, Lindell went to the White House for a brief meeting with the President and others. Before going in, Lindell showed his notes to a photographer. I have transcribed them here. Transcriptions in [brackets] are speculative, while outside of brackets I’m fairly certain. Note that the visible section consists of the second half of each line.

 Frank Colon NOW as Acting National Security
 him with getting the evidence of ALL the
 [as] the election and all information regarding
 [with] people he knows who already have security
 have done massive research on these issues
 [at] Fort Mead. He is an attorney with cyber-
 [...y] expertise and is up to speed on election issues.
 [Insurr]ection Act now as a result of the assault on the
 martial law if necessary upon the first hint of any
 [...nian], Sidney Powell, Bill Olsen, Kurt Olsen.
 [DOD.] Move Kash Patel to CIA Acting.
 on Foreign Interference in the election. Trigger
 [...ency] powers. Make clear this is China/Iran
 [also] used domestic actors. Instruct Frank
 evidence on                     the [more] broad
 likely amoun[t]                            ary
 [down] the line                            evidence
 [pr]obable cau[se]                     [a]ttorney

Topics mentioned in the letter:

  • Frank Colon at Fort Meade with cyber security expertise: Interviewed here. Hasn’t even talked to Lindell, hasn’t heard any such proposal, is very confused.

  • Acting National Security Advisor: Currently held by Richard O’Brien, who reportedly was in the same meeting with Lidell and the President and escorted Lidell to the White House counsel’s office after the meeting.

  • Insurrection Act: A legal mechanism to institute martial law (military control of an area of the US) by the president in case of an insurrection.

  • Fort George G. Meade: The headquarters of US Cybercommand, the NSA, etc.

  • Sidney Powel: Election fraud conspiracy theorist lawyer.

  • Bill Olsen: Not sure, maybe Kurt Olsen’s relative?

  • Kurt Olsen: Attorney who aided the Texas Attorney General’s effort to overturn 17 other states election results.

  • Kash Patel: Former aide to Rep. Devin Nunes. In December, the President planned to appoint him Deputy Director of the CIA, under Gina Haspell. Haspell threatened to resign and convinced the President not to do so.

  • Reportedly, the redacted section talked about how Pat Cipollone, the White House Counsel, should be fired.